Lips are the important organ own our face and they must be lighten and pinkish .they increase your face value of the lips are shinny and lighten up then it incarese your face value if u dnt have shinny lip or dark lips some times it decresae your  face value.for make youir lips in well and lighten condtion u must have to took acre of yr face color and health foe this u must have A health diet and plenty of water will help hydrate your skin and keep it looking healthy and nourished.

Cheaply manufactured lipsticks sometime contain chemicals that may lead to the darkening of lip pigmentation. You can try a few simple methods to care for your lips and help restore their color. Firstly, ensure that you use a lip balm or moisturizer that will protect you from the sun. Any lip balm or moisturizer that contains SPF 15 is ideal to help protect your lips from tanning. Avoid using cheaply manufactured cosmetics as they harm your skin and sometimes cause irreversible damage. Check your brand of lipstick to ensure that you are not experiencing an allergic reaction to that particular brand. Perhaps a lipstick containing natural ingredients is a safer bet if you have sensitive skin.

Exfoliating the skin of your lips may help lighten their color. You can gently exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush and this helps reduce the build up of dead skin cells that cause skin to appear darker. Avoid exfoliating your lips if they are cracked or dry. Soon after exfoliating, apply moisturizer or a lip balm to keep them soft and smooth.  You can try a natural bleach that will help lighten color of lips. For instance, a mixture of lime juice, glycerin and honey helps lighten the color of your lips. Apply this mixture on your lips before going to bed everyday. Applying almond oil on your lips every night helps lighten the pigmentation of your lips. Apply a mixture of milk and salt on your lips every night and wash it off after ten minutes. This is an effective natural bleach for lips. Applying beetroot juice and glycerin on your lips helps restore the color of your lips. Clarified butter and fresh cream are also very effective moisturizers for your lips and help lighten their color.

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