Karachi Fashion Week 2013, started off in the month of January  for three days. While the event was held at public-friendly Karachi Expo Center, and covered by all and sundry in the media, it seemed that whoever was at the helm of its affairs hadn’t done enough homework.
Karachi Fashion Week 2013
The fashion week hasnot really come a long way since its inception in 2008, in reality whatever the efforts might be in part of the designers and others associated with the two rival fashion clouths of the country

while it has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few years..
What comes out as a by-product of all this is a fashion week, flanked by names often unheard off, and factually unseen. While there were heavy weights like Umar Sayeed, Usman Dittu and Munib Nawaz, a few retail brands too jumped on the bandwagon to showcase their mass collections to a label-conscious niche.

The outfits featured on the ramp on the first day were outlandish, as the opening show was by a foreign designer Joseph Adebayo of Modela Couture.

While the designer’s collection must be appreciated for its design aesthetics and finishing, it seemed out of place for the local clientele, who could only nod and appreciate, instead of buying it.

The idea of bringing in foreign designers to lend credibility to the fashion week was a hit and a miss, as most of them did not cater to the trend requirements of the local wearer, while collections by Element Jeans and Zeeshan Bariwal seemed conventional.

The second day’s collection was an amalgam of the clichéd too as designers did not bring anything new to the ramp. From the same flared dresses, with embellishments and usage of chiffon, to sequins and a range of colour palettes, designers seemed to be without an answer to what the emerging trends could be in the year ahead.

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