Designer Profile: Shirin Hassan was born & brought up in Morocco (Casablanca). I’ve studied in French & Arabic and done my Couture course from Casablanca.

Pakistani Dress Designer Shirin Hassan

Shirin Hassan started her career in the year 2005 but with the passage of time she gets expertise in block prints. Shirin Hassan chose this line because Shirin Hassan was always inspired by bright colors.

Shirin Hassan have also done 3 solo shows last collection was named “Rang de Basanti” at The Bridal Couture Week 2011 because of all the colorful drama created with the fabric.

Do you have a professional degree in textiles or fashion?

I do not have a professional degree in textiles, but I have done few short courses from time to time.

You are a successful designer. Would you like to share your journey with us?

I’ve done block prints on silks mostly, for formal & prêt wear – But for summers, for the first time we are going to launch our own Lawn Collection, and for that we are also working on chiffon’s.

Oh, it’s a long and a wonderful journey. My friends often talk about it. It gives me a boost when I think about it. I started my work about 7 years ago. Over the years, i have mastered in block prints and had done few exhibitions. Initially I did not do very well, but it takes time to build a clientele and to satisfy them is very difficult. I learnt a lot from my clients, and friends. This is the reason why I am here today. The credit also goes to my family for being so supportive. As I said before if you are ambitious then there is nothing that can stop you.

What does fashion mean to you?

As a fashion designer, I think fashion is an expression. It helps you express yourself and through fashion you can distinct yourself from others.

How do you prepare for a fashion show?

I have also done Exhibitions in India (Delhi & Mumbai), Dubai and the US. Currently, we are stocking at PFDC (Lahore), LABELS (Karachi), MELANGE (Islamabad) and KARMA STORE (Dehli).

I have had 3 solo fashion shows, and I have also participated in The Bridal Fashion Week of Karachi. For a fashion show, we start preparing at least 3 months in advance, and we have to keep theme in mind i.e. the colors and cuts. Also, we have to look into the colors that will suit the models.

Do you have a specific vision for your brand?

I plan to take my brand global thus; will soon be available at more locations and opening up more stores and will also be showcasing in the coming fashion weeks Internationally and within Pakistan.

Yes. I want to expand my business and go globally. Right now, we are available in the U.S, U.K, Dubai and we are launching our brand in Amritsar as well. But Far East countries are also in my planning.

What are your interests and activities other than designing?

I love watching movies, swimming and love cooking although, I cook once in a while but love to whenever I get time.

What has been your major inspiration or designing philosophy?

Bright colors are very inspiring and i was always inspired by Moroccan kaftans, they are very colorful and bright.

How do you take completion? Does it scare you at any time?

No it does not scare me in fact it’s very healthy. I have so many friends in the same field, so I think you get to learn a lot from each other.

What would you say about the demographic of your fan following?

I just want to say one thing. Do what you believe in and if you are ambitious then there is nothing that can stop you.

You think Pakistani fashion industry is evolving to the right direction?

Yes, definitely. If you look 5years back there were no fashion malls, no fashion weeks. So the fashion industry is growing day by day.

Any advice you want to give to the aspiring fashion designers?

A fashion designer is an artist and an entrepreneur in one. You have to keep up with fashion. I feel one must get exposure and you get that by travelling or reading. I think marketing is very important for your product, many designers fail by not doing proper marketing strategy. If you are ambitious then success is yours.

What makes you laugh uncontrollably?

My elder son loves to act which makes me to laugh uncontrollably.

What thrills you?

I love driving fast. It gives me a great thrill and gets my adrenaline going.

What are your future endeavors?

This year out of 180 lawn designers we were rated in the top 16 best lawn 2012. So, we have already started working on our block print lawn2013. And that is one thing I really looking forward to.

The message you hand out is?

Peace and love. We are a peaceful nation. We should love our country and we should be proud of who we are.

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